Motivated by his childhood interest in performing scientific experiments at home and inspired by the cartoon character, Dexter, from Dexter’s Laboratory, Elias ELisante found a gap in the way we communicate theoretical lessons in our classrooms.

As a student, Elias found it difficult to visualize processes and understanding of the mechanics of different concepts in his high school days. And as levels of learning advanced, concepts become more complex to grasp. Elias was then not able to perform those experiments as learning became more theoretical and less practical which impacted his understanding.

Graduating from high school and then college didn’t stop or hinder his strong passion for science, and after learning software and application development, Elias immediately saw the need to work on a solution that could visualize classroom concepts for students.

SmartDarasa is a mobile application, a visual aid that enhances the learning experience in a classroom. The Tanzanian curriculum uses different approaches and all are substantial in teaching students. However, with the advancing technologies that are present, alternative methods and techniques are used in the field of education and teachers use different kinds of aids to ensure effective learning.

Visual aids arouse the interest of learners and help the teachers to explain the concepts easily. Visual aids are instructional aids which are used in the classroom to encourage students learning process, this is SmartDarasa.

“With SmartDarasa we bring normal book contents to life through a simple mobile application that does not require any internet connectivity. This increases contextual understanding through visual learning, it is affordable, offline (suitable for rural areas), and the best learning methodology (learn by visual demos). The combination brings quality learning experience for remote located areas and urban.” explains Elisante.

Average performance in STEM subjects has been below 50% for the past 3 years. And although government of Tanzania is implementing ICT policy in school environment by supplying computers there is still low penetration because of the high costs. As an affordable tool, SmartDarasa mobile tablet/smartphone is seven times cheaper than desktop. We can achieve more, impact more with the use of SmartDarasa.

Within 6 months we have been able to acquire 300+ users by using only three smart Augmented books which we have made available for the purpose of testing and getting user feedbacks. There is great response from teachers and students who have throughly enjoyed using it. Teachers have witnessed greater and in-depth understanding of scientific processes by the students through engagement SmartDarasa.

SmartDarasa’s vision is to bring effective smart interactive visual learning in our society and to encourage a visual approach to learning.

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